A Look at Adult Education in 2011

When one thinks about alternative college education, the images are rarely flattering.

We’re talking about the schools that aren’t traditionally set about on sprawling campuses, where there is no Greek life or college football game days or Ivy-stained brick walls.

These are the schools sometimes found in strip malls, the ones that get advertised on daytime television in between court reality shows and 17th consecutive days of Maury Povich telling yet another guest that, indeed, they are not the father. They seem like the kind of schools where the motto could be, “I went to such-and-such so that my daughter doesn’t have to!”

The most prestigious and socially impressive schools these places are not. And yet vocational schools, non-accredited universities, and online schools serve a definite place in the education sphere and can be a valuable part of a career search. It can be the entrance into a great job. The schools themselves might not be glamorous but perhaps the ends justify the means.

The thought may be that these kinds of schools might be the kind of place where someone could only learn something menial, like say, basket weaving or short order cooking or gluing the sand onto sandpaper (because someone has to do it). All kidding aside, with modern career finder tools available on the internet, an increasing number of individuals are recognizing the importance of advanced education and training in securing a better job and a better future.

The reality is that in the 21st century a range of alternative universities exist. Consider that there are now online radiology schools. Schools can also be found for everything from massage therapy to court stenography to medical assisting.

Sure, the first exposure to one of these schools might come from a cheesy commercial some depressing late morning or afternoon, as people sometimes find themselves watching daytime television in the purgatory of less than ideal life circumstances. But from this point on, the experience with any sort of school only gets better.

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